Within the first two years, a book will be published in English to present a synthesis of the evolution of rules for the merchant navy, that is to say for shipping, on the theme of its international dimension, sources and diversity. It is a timely contribution to global reflexion on that subject, since the 2006 ILO Convention on Maritime Labour has been enacted. The project will provide critical assessment of legal innovations, concerning conditions of work and employment of seafarers, the control of ships by the port State, the international collective bargaining, and maning companies.

During the life of the project, several international thematic scientific events will be organised, which will gather scholars from various disciplines and stakeholders. These are expected to disseminate results of the work done by Patrick Chaumette and his team, and create a fruitful network for international reflection on maritime and ocean law, in the light of its recent evolutions. Proceedings of the seminars and conferences will constitute major scholar contributions at European and International levels, as well as relevant material for the regulating authorities and stakeholders.

The thematic studies will lead to a conceptual synthesis: what concepts can cover all human activities at sea, can help define the common general principles applicable to those activities before specific regulations for each of various activities have to be taken into account. This part of the study will be finalized by a large conference, which proceedings will lay the ground for the prospects for a new foundation of this law branch.

Beyond the workshops and seminars, leading to academic publications, it is envisaged to prepare thematic summaries for policy-makers (Policy Briefs). Normative and technical production sector of international institutions, such as the IMO and ILO, is immense.