Publication of a doctoral thesis in Law, "Les relations de travail offshore - Contribution à l’étude du pluralisme juridique" (Offshore Employment Relations : contribution to the Study of the Legal Pluralism), Presses universitaires d'Aix-Marseille (PUAM), coll. Droit maritime, aérien et des transports, Preface by Patrick Chaumette, 2019, 604p.

Offshore transnational employment relations are the meltingpot of many contemporary legal issues. They are at thecrossroads of considerations on transnational corporates’responsibility, on the diversity of ways of working, on theindustrial activities with infinite risks, and on the nature ofthe rule of law. This work treats these questions with theinitial methodological aim to show the established legalpluralism. Being on the sea, the work technicalities, theworking place particularities, develop relations which definea first level of analysis. This founding relationship betweenthe offshore platform and the workers is in the middle of anexus of contracts where host countries and sometransnational companies are playing the main roles. Thisstudy aims to make the link between the establishedpluralism, and the way pluralism can be regulated. Thecontractual paradigm lead to a legal deregulation from thehost state to the main operators, which are now in charge totake care of social matters which are a priori not of theirobject. The governance by contract was also in the center ofthe corporates’ network organization. It was incentive to theappearance of private norms which are stimulated by partyautonomy. These norms regulating the offshore employmentrelations show the necessity of adjusting both tort law andcontract law. Regarding this, the last part of this studyconsiders the legal responsibilities mechanisms and theirimplementation throughout a pluralist private internationallaw based on the employment relations.
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