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The 5th and lastest book of the Human Sea European programme, Advanced Grant 2013, n° 340770 has been published. It addresses the protection of the marine environment who is the objective of the law of the ocean, in its international, regional and national dimensions. It ensures the coherence of a complex law of marine areas and maritime activities. The conservation of marine biodiversity has become an emergency. The exploitation of the seabed, the development of new activities at sea must be conditioned by this same requirement. This book follows the presentations made, for some chapters, during a Human Sea seminar organized, on March 28, 2018 in Nantes: "Oceanic Prospectives and Challenges - Biodiversity in the High Seas - Environmental Liability" and during the Human Sea final international colloquium held on October 15-17, 2018 in Nantes.

Patrick Chaumette (Coordinator), Marcial Pons Ed., Madrid (Spain), 2019, 550p. Texts in English, French and Spanish, according to the author with summaries in 3 languages.

You can get it from the publisher and its bookstore Marcial Pons
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