Economic challenges and new maritime risks management : what blue growth ?

Call for papers
Human Sea - Marisk International Symposium

3 & 4 october 2016 

This Human Sea Project Symposium is combined with the fifth International MARISK Conference organized by Ecole nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), Ecole Nationale de la Sécurité et de lAdministration en Mer (ENSAM) and the great Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire. Some contributions might be openly available.  On the basis of the symposium, a reference book will be published in English; each contribution should be submitted preferably in French or in English.

The new activities at Sea are linked to the development of the offshore oil and gas industry, to the setting up of platforms and other installations, to the development of fixed and soon floating wind farms, hydrokinetic means... The more traditional thematics linked to navigation should not be excluded given the increase in the size of the container ships and liners.


A junior conference will be held on Monday 3th October, in parallel with two round tables of the International Symposium. This symposium is free of charge; participants to the junior conference are exempt of the payment of restoration fees. The written version of their presentation might be published. Some participants would be invited to present their work during the second day of the International Symposium.


Scientific Committee : Patrick Chaumette, Professor at the University of Nantes ; Franck Schoeffs, Professeur at the University of Nantes - Sciences and Technique Faculty ; Capt. Raphaël Baumler, Ph.D. WMU, Malmö, Sweden ; Yann Vachias, ENSM Director, Laurent Galy, Professor at ENSAM, MARISK international symposiums facilitator, Dr Awa Sam-Lefebvre, Professor at ENSM, CDMO member, University of Nantes ; Dr. Jonathan Ruillé, Doctor in Management Sciences, LEMNA, Postdoc. Human Sea, University of Nantes.