Transforming the ocean law by requirement of the marine environment conservation

Call for Paper

Human Sea European program final international Conference

15 and 16 octobre 2018 at La Cité, Nantes Events Center

The fifth WorkPackage of the Human Sea European program involves the set-up of a final international conference, followed by the publication of a book in English and French on the complexity of ocean law, oriented towards the conservation of the marine environment. New activities at sea are conditioned to the protection of the environment. The book will then be available in open access 6 months after its publication. The goal of the conference is to attempt a synthesis of the legal issues, technological, economic and managerial of the implemented and future evolutions.

The conference will be organized around 4 themes:

  1. Seabed (continental shelves and international zone),
  2. Water column (biodiversity and high seas), offshore activities (synthesis on fishing),
  3. Trade, Marine Renewable Energy (MRE),
  4. Protection of the marine environment in a highly legal approach (principles of environmental law, regional conventions, EU law).
A Junior Conference will be organized on Monday afternoon 15 October 2018, in parallel with the plenary session of the international conference. This conference will have no registration fee; speakers selected for the Junior Conference will be exempt from meals, their travel and accommodation costs in Nantes will be covered by the program. Speakers will see their communication published in the final book of the Human Sea program; some of them will be able to present their work very quickly at the plenary session of Tuesday, 16 October 2018. It is possible that some contributions will be accepted for publication but without oral communication at the Junior Conference.

The Junior Conference is an opportunity to address other themes and in different ways. The reference to ocean law covers the law of the sea and maritime law; the reference to transformation covers the fragmentation of international conventions and the complexity of the new normative framework. It is possible to address these themes in a limited geographical area and / or about special activities at sea.

Scientific Committee: Patrick Chaumette, professor at the University of Nantes; José Manuel Sobrino Heredia of the University of A Coruña; Marie-Pierre Lanfranchi of the University of Aix Marseille; Nathalie Ros of the University of Tours; Victor Luis Gutiérrez Castillo of the University of Jaén; Erik Røsæg, professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo; Franck Schoefs, professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Director of the University Institute of the Sea and Littoral (IUML), University of Nantes; Leonardo Estrela Borges, professor at the Brazilian Institute of Public Law.